Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I recently received this testimonial from one of my newer subs:

It has become somewhat of a habit to find myself at Goddess Sophia's door since I first met her in early 2016. I'm met by tall, flame haired Goddess. Her presence is striking, but I feel at ease in her company.  Mistress is relaxed and laid back; her movements slow and fluid.  She radiates natural confidence, which without a word spoken, leaves you with no doubt who is in charge.

As a domestic servitude and discipline fan, Mistress has set me a cleaning task. Her instructions are clear, her expectations high and should I not meet her exact requirements, I am well versed in the consequences.  I am set to work and Mistress is not one to selfishly withhold her opinions on the means, method and the pace of my progress.  I inform her when I am finished and she instructs me to lay on the floor whilst she leaves to inspect my work. I'm naked, hog tied and secure in my soft rope harness that is fixing the butt plug firmly in place. I'm blind folded and very conscious that my exposed bottom is already hot and a crimson shade of red from an earlier spanking.

My mind is racing and I notice that too are Mistress' footsteps as she approaches the door, which opens quickly, slams shut and her glass is placed abruptly on the table, leaving me in no doubt that she is not pleased. I am given the opportunity to provide an explanation and issue a first rate apology. I grovel, but there is no mercy. Mistress is fair, but will thoroughly punish misdemeanours and she is of course, right.  Mistress unclips my cuffs and orders me to my feet...her hands, firmly holding my hair, followed by the shock of her hand connecting suddenly with my face....

Mistress uses an impressive variety of means to discipline her subs. She is creative and an incredibly skilled disciplinarian. She has a firm hand and a strong arm that will make even the most stuborn bottom wince. I've been very lucky to experience the birch and Mistress really exceeds when gifting her subs with the reward of the most beautiful stripes from the cane.  Before meeting Sophia, I'd never experienced subspace, yet now a session doesn't pass when I don't achieve an incredible high and enjoy a blessed out state that lasts for hours.

Needless to say there are lovely bruises to be enjoyed for weeks afterwards and as soon as they've healed, I find myself longing for more, and Mistress is of course, always happy to oblige!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Only a few days until I arrive in the Capital! I will be in London from Thursday 26th until Tuesday 31st.

I will be attending Club Pedestal on Thursday evening, and still have good availability on the 27th and 30th. I have very limited slots on the remaining days, so book early to avoid disappointment!

I am also offering double (or triple!) sessions with Goddess Morrigan and Master Dominic.

Contact me directly for any further details or to arrange an appointment.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

New London Tour Dates

I am pleased to announce my next London tour dates: May 26th to 31st 2016.

I will arrive at Kings Cross at lunchtime on the 26th, so my first appointment won't be until 4pm, and I leave late in the morning on the 31st so unless there are some very early birds out there (and I know from experience that there are those of you for whom the journey to the airport to catch a 9am flight is not complete without a stop off at my dungeon to have some fire put into your buttocks!), my last appointments will be on the 30th.

My last visit to the Capital was in such demand that I couldn't fit all the sessions in that were requested, so make sure you book early, especially if you can't be very flexible with days and times.

On the 26th I will be attending Club Pedestal and am currently accepting applications from slaves who wish to attend with me. Email me (via my website) for details.

As usual, I will be conducting sessions from Murder Mile Studios in Clapton, east London.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

London Touring

Just over a week ago I returned to Yorkshire after an absolutely fantastic time in London. I saw lots of my old friends and had some excellent sessions with subs both old and new. As is always the case with this sort of thing, there wasn't enough time to fit everything in so I will be returning to the Capital at the end of this month, dates to be announced within the next week.

As the more attentive among you will already know from the furious Tweet I posted when it happened, my trip was brought to a rather unpleasant end when my suitcase was stolen from the luggage rack of the train. I had taken almost everything I use regularly in sessions and in day to day life with me, and the contents included (amongst many other things) my make-up collection, three gorgeous pairs of shoes, my leather thigh boots, three latex dresses, a latex jacket, my beloved leather shirt and leather corset, innumerable pairs of stockings and my favourite suspender dress, all my nipple clamps (I probably didn't need to take all of them, but I just love nipple play!), all my favourite strap-ons and harnesses (again, possibly not entirely necessary to have taken the whole lot...), bondage equipment, and a good selection of whips, paddles, and other implements.  The only small source of amusement I get from this is imagining the thief's face when after breaking the lock open they were confronted by a case full of strap on cocks and beating sticks instead of laptops and iPads (which fortunately I had kept with me)! That amusement is very small, though. I curse the little scrote to an eternity of treading barefoot on Lego and plugs!

After flying around like a maniac for the last week trying to replace my essentials while expertly and seamlessly conducting sessions without any of my basic equipment (cable ties to the rescue!), I've finally found some time to catch up on all my computer-based tasks and write this post and as I did, it occurred to me that this is a rare (perhaps even one-off) occasion in which my loss is your gain! Out of the loss of my case and all its treasured contents comes an opportunity for my loyal submissives and the many of you who worship me from afar, unable to pluck up the courage to apply to session with me in person, to show your appreciation and devotion by helping Mistress to replace her stolen items. Of course, the simplest way to do this is by sending me an Amazon voucher (to or tribute via PayPal (to, but for the next couple of weeks I will be making space in my schedule for two lucky slaves to meet me in Leeds to accompany me on a shopping trip to repurchase shoes, boots, make-up, lingerie, etc. Email me to apply for one of these places. I may offer a similar opportunity at the end of the month to London subs to accompany me on a shopping trip to House Of Harlot and Atsuko Kudo for some new latex outfits, but my time in London is always tight so it's best to email me when my dates are announced to discuss whether this will be a possibility.

Any subs that manage to make an impression on me with their generosity may be rewarded with a mention on Twitter, photo, or maybe even some of my precious time on the phone, on Skype, or even in person, but I make no promises; I'm not easy to impress, and after all - it's a privilege just to be able to make a small offering to your Goddess.

Saturday, 9 April 2016


I am very happy to announce my next London tour dates! Mistress will be in London and available for sessions from April 20th - 24th. Priority will be given to my regulars and a deposit may be required from new slaves. In terms of availability, I arrive at lunchtime on the 20th so my first appointment will not be until 4pm. At present, my diary is clear on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, and on the 24th I will not be available until the evening. I leave at lunchtime again on the 25th, so there may be the possibility of a morning session on that day for one lucky sub who hasn't been able to book on the preceding days.

Call or email me to enquire about bookings, contact details can be found here.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

My "Weekly" Post..!

Needless to say, my plans to update this blog weekly have fallen by the wayside! My problem is that by the end of each week, I've done so many things I struggle to choose which ones to tell you about, then inevitably get a little overwhelmed and decide a G&T would be a far better plan. I think I may have to stick to shorter updates to counter this. I do tend to write short novels once I get going when really a paragraph or two will do!

Those of you that follow my Twitter will have seen that I have had an awful few weeks (or couple of months, really), though as I am rather suspicious of posting too many personal things online I am really only saying this so that you all know I have not vanished from the scene and I am now back in the saddle (literally and figuratively) and taking bookings for sessions again.

So, to summarise, those of you who are local to Yorkshire can once again contact me to arrange sessions either at the Leeds Chambers or at a domestic setting in Harrogate. As always, same day appointments can usually be accommodated with a minimum of two hours notice depending on my availability.

For my loyal servants in London, dates for my imminent visit are being confirmed and will be announced very soon.  Watch this space!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A Rant

Once again life has got very much in the way of my blog! I know a lot of you have been anxiously checking back for the latest updates and have been rewarded with nothing, but as that is exactly how it works in an ideal world of Female Supremacy, I will not apologise. I will, however, be updating this blog once per week (more or less!) from now on, as I do enjoy writing about my life, and I know you enjoy reading about it!

Needless to say, there have been a lot of developments in my world since my last post all those months ago, and I will detail a few of them in upcoming posts, but I received a phone call earlier this week from what professed to be a submissive man which sufficiently annoyed me that it has been playing on my mind since, and has spurred me on to resurrect my blogging habits and in the process hopefully provide the unfortunate few of you who share this scrote's mindset with some much needed education.

A few nights ago I was relaxing on my sofa with a gin and tonic when my phone rang. The conversation started out well enough with some enquiries about the possibility of attending a foot worship session. So far so good. Unfortunately this was not to last, and the next line of questioning was whether of not I "do cuddling an' all that". Now, I am more than happy to allow my subordinates to cuddle my legs, from the knee down, as part of their worship. I find that quite frequently whilst sucking upon my toes, my serfs are overcome with emotion and need to spend a few minutes clinging to my shapely calves and quivering with devotion. I must say that I enjoy these little outbursts of adoration, and might even stroke the top of their head while they compose themselves. Similarly, after a particularly intense session, many subs are very much in need of a hug to help them re-centre themselves as they come out of subspace and prepare to re-enter the real world. In these situations, I am very happy to offer a hug, or allow my legs to be cuddled, and I told him so much. His next utterance (with barely concealed disgruntlement) was:

"But I can finish on your feet though, yeah?"

At this point I became cross, informed him curtly that no, he could not finish on my feet, and ended the call. Needless to say, there were several things that vexed me about this; his unwarranted sense of entitlement for one, but in the interests of writing a blog post and not a novel, I will stick to my main issue, which is: What is going on in that tiny little brain of yours that makes you think that worshipping something and ejaculating all over it are the same thing?!  Would you go into a church and empty your balls all over the altar?  Or queue up to your favourite author's book signing and ask them to rub one out all over the title page in lieu of a signature?  Or jizz all over your mum's Christmas dining table as a mark of your appreciation of her culinary prowess?  No, you pathetic little toe rag, you would not.  So what makes you think that you can kneel at the foot of my throne, kiss each perfect red-tipped toe upon my porcelain feet, and then furiously masturbate all over them?

I am sorry to say that this is not an isolated incident - I have been asked this before, though usually not in such a rude and presumptuous manner, and I see an awful lot of "FemDom" clips, the culmination of which is the slave ejaculating over the Mistress' boots. My question is, what does the woman get out of this?  I'll tell you what; a sticky pair of boots which now have cum in the stitching which you will never be completely sure is 100% out. Cumming over the feet or footwear of a woman is not for her amusement, enjoyment, or convenience, and therefore it has no place in a FemDom environment.  It comes from (pun intended) the same place as the ubiquitous cum shot in mainstream porn, where the male performer, after 30 minutes or so of enthusiastically ramming his dick into each of the woman's orifices, stands over her and jerks off into her face.  This isn't a condemnation of mainstream porn (that's a whole other rant!), rather my point is that this has no place in neither a FemDom session nor the mind of a submissive male.

Come over your own feet, then endure my mocking laughter as you lick up every last drop.  Or even better, come into your own expectant face and open mouth.  Maybe I'll even spit on you while you do.