Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Manchester Tour Dates - March 2017

Manchester sessions available March 7th and 8th 2017.

I'm very pleased to announce that I will once again be visiting Manchester's Fetish Emporium and will be available for sessions in the afternoon of March 7th (12 - 6pm) and all day on March 8th.

For those unfamiliar, The Fetish Emporium is a beautifully equipped multi-room location which lends itself beautifully to whatever scenario your pervy mind can conjure up!

Contact me to discuss your requirements for potential sessions, and bear in mind that a deposit will be required to secure your booking.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Manchester Tour Dates Announcement

A little bit last minute, but my very dear friend Mistress Morrigan and I will be in Manchester next week on Wednesday the 18th and Thursday 19th of January and available for individual and double Domme sessions at The Fetish Emporium.

If you are interested in booking a session, you may contact me on 07929 787 988 or Mistress Morrigan on 07814 725 812.

As always when I am on tour, a deposit will be required to secure your appointment.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Review From Slave Martin

"I recently had the great and undoubted pleasure of meeting Goddess Sophia at her dungeon in Harrogate.
The Goddess is wonderful to look at, she is good looking, has a lovely figure and a lovely smile.  Goddess Sophia has a wicked sense of humour, a very calm and authoritative manner and I felt at ease in her company.
I liked the feeling of good old fashioned domination. I was tied up and experienced a fantastic caning session with her.  Goddess has a fantastic cane made up of three canes, I urge both new and experienced slaves to call her and beg for this device. It was without doubt the best, most erotic caning session I have ever experienced.
I travel a lot throughout the UK and have visited over forty five different Mistresses in my time; Goddess Sophia was one of the very best I have met.
It hurt in a beautiful but sensuous way, until I could take no more and begged for mercy. Once my pleas were accepted I was then subjected to a fantastic strap on pounding from her; again it hurt, but in a wonderful, hard, forceful way that I can hardly put into words. It really was one, if not the very best, session I have ever enjoyed.
In the morning I woke up feeling that I needed to see her again, so I got dressed and booked an appointment for that day as well. Again, with a beating heart I felt the cane and strap on all over again - I have never had two sessions in two  consecutive days; I couldn't help myself and just had to experience it all over again.
I was challenged to write a review; I was told that failure to produce one would have grave consequences: for each day I failed to produce the review I would be given five strokes per day punishment at our next meeting. I am up to one hundred and forty penalty strokes and know that I will have to take them. It reached the point where I deliberately left the review writing, safe in the knowledge that I was accumulating a punishment  tariff that I can hardly bear to think about.
I will be visiting Goddess Sophia again as soon as time allows - and know what is waiting for me - I can hardly wait and want to go much further with this wonderful, wonderful Goddess.
Goddess Sophia is truly magnificent - easy to be with and very beautiful. I urge anyone thinking of meeting a Dominant Goddess to look no further. Don't hesitate, call her and make that visit. It is worth every moment and effort it takes to earn your place at her feet.
I like her because she is a very classy woman, very funny and very easy going in that she somehow understands exactly what a slave needs.
Thank you Goddess and I will see you soon for my whatever punishment you feel I have coming to me. I want to be beaten without mercy and show Goddess Sophia that she has my ultimate respect."

Slave Martin.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Glasgow Tour Dates - November 23rd, 24th, and 25th 2016

I am excited to announce my first Scottish tour. I have spent time in beautiful Scotland as a tourist but never as a Domme so I can't wait for these dates!

I will be available for sessions on November 23rd, 24th, and 25th at city centre premises Abstrakt.Me Studios. Located very close to Glasgow Central Station, this beautifully equipped dungeon is owned and run by the inimitable Mistress Lillith and features a prison cage, bondage bed, latex vac bed, and a full range of toys and implements, to name but a few.

Advance booking is strongly recommended, so contact me to discuss your session.

Monday, 10 October 2016

October 2016 London Tour Dates

I'm pleased to announce I will be in London and available for sessions from October 17th until October 19th inclusive. I will be based at Murder Mile Studios in Clapton, east London, and will be available for double sessions with Mistress Morrigan and Master Dominic.

Contact me on 07929787988 to arrange bookings.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Another Review

Here's a review I received from slave S, who I have been seeing for a few years for judicial caning sessions. I have copied and pasted it directly from his email, so rest assured that the grammar mistakes are his and his alone (and they will be dealt with next time I see him!).

Be careful what you wish for.........when Sophia has her next victim tightly secured to her punishment bench there is no escape from her sadistic presence.

The victims nervousness increases as she slowly puts on her leather gloves and takes the judicial cane from in front of the bench and swishes it through the air

the prisoner feels a light tap , then the cane swings back before landing with an exquisite 'crack', when a white hot line of pain sears across his buttocks

the mistress takes her time to lay each stroke exactly parallel with the last, using her full strength with great elegance and grace

For the prisoner the pain is intolerable, unbearable. at that moment the only things he thinks about are the mistress, her cane, and the pain.

The prisoner cries and begs for mercy, there is no mercy here, only discipline, correction.

After 60 strokes the mistress declares the sentence completed. The victim is invited to thank the mistress for his punishment. If the the mistress is not persuaded by his sincerity, she keeps a thick leather prison strap to help educate him further in the error of his ways........

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I recently received this testimonial from one of my newer subs:

It has become somewhat of a habit to find myself at Goddess Sophia's door since I first met her in early 2016. I'm met by tall, flame haired Goddess. Her presence is striking, but I feel at ease in her company.  Mistress is relaxed and laid back; her movements slow and fluid.  She radiates natural confidence, which without a word spoken, leaves you with no doubt who is in charge.

As a domestic servitude and discipline fan, Mistress has set me a cleaning task. Her instructions are clear, her expectations high and should I not meet her exact requirements, I am well versed in the consequences.  I am set to work and Mistress is not one to selfishly withhold her opinions on the means, method and the pace of my progress.  I inform her when I am finished and she instructs me to lay on the floor whilst she leaves to inspect my work. I'm naked, hog tied and secure in my soft rope harness that is fixing the butt plug firmly in place. I'm blind folded and very conscious that my exposed bottom is already hot and a crimson shade of red from an earlier spanking.

My mind is racing and I notice that too are Mistress' footsteps as she approaches the door, which opens quickly, slams shut and her glass is placed abruptly on the table, leaving me in no doubt that she is not pleased. I am given the opportunity to provide an explanation and issue a first rate apology. I grovel, but there is no mercy. Mistress is fair, but will thoroughly punish misdemeanours and she is of course, right.  Mistress unclips my cuffs and orders me to my feet...her hands, firmly holding my hair, followed by the shock of her hand connecting suddenly with my face....

Mistress uses an impressive variety of means to discipline her subs. She is creative and an incredibly skilled disciplinarian. She has a firm hand and a strong arm that will make even the most stuborn bottom wince. I've been very lucky to experience the birch and Mistress really exceeds when gifting her subs with the reward of the most beautiful stripes from the cane.  Before meeting Sophia, I'd never experienced subspace, yet now a session doesn't pass when I don't achieve an incredible high and enjoy a blessed out state that lasts for hours.

Needless to say there are lovely bruises to be enjoyed for weeks afterwards and as soon as they've healed, I find myself longing for more, and Mistress is of course, always happy to oblige!