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I am very happy to announce that I will be making a long awaited return to Scotland in just a couple of weeks' time.

Sessions will be available in Edinburgh on April 19th from Maison De Debauch, then on April 20th I will be in Glasgow and available for sessions from Abstrakt Me Studios. Both dungeons are centrally located and very well equipped for whatever perverse scenarios we dream up!

Sessions are limited to the advertised days ONLY, and as always, a deposit will be required to secure your booking.

For all enquiries and to book your session, contact me via my website.

Testimonial - A Painful Lesson

"As a submissive it is a great honour to be able to state that I am one of Goddess Sophia’s regular Northern devotees however as I travelled to Harrogate one late Wednesday afternoon I knew that this privilege could easily be taken away from me.  
Due to a recent unfortunate event whereas I had failed to communicate honestly with Mistress with regards to an issue that only existed within my own head, I had stupidly managed to cause Mistress a little upset. Fortunately I do have enough intelligence to realise Goddess Sophia is without doubt the most wonderful dominatrix I have ever had the pleasure of serving.  My only option to continue as one of Goddess Sophia’s devoted subs was to face the reality and consequence of my recent actions, the unfortunate actions that were brought upon by no other than myself. 
After presenting my pre session gift to Mistress, which did not result in any leniency, I soon found myself kneeling in the playroom with my hands restrained behind my back wit…

Homework from sub Glen

I recently saw Glen for a much needed disciplinary caning during a visit to London. Afterwards, I set him homework which was to submit a write-up of the session. For once, he completed it. The first version arrived with typos (careless, and he will be duly punished for his sloppy work) but finally he handed in some properly checked work. Here is is:

An appointment with the Headmistress
I have visited many professional disciplinarians around the south of England over the last twenty years, and I have a small selection of favourites (all well-known names) to whom I regularly return.  Most I now consider to be friends.  My particular interest is in authentic school punishments, administered realistically and painfully by a harsh Headmistress.  I am perpetually trying to recreate the nervous anticipation, the na├»ve bravado, and the fear that accompanied real experiences in the Head’s study during my schooldays.
Occasionally I come across somebody offering such services that I haven’t tried, …

Testimonial From slave S

A very happy submissive devoted to the beautiful Goddess Sophia I have been visiting Goddess Sophia upon a regular basis for the last 7 months and I can honestly state that I have never enjoyed my submission as much as I have over this period of time. I have had a fragmented journey of submission over the previous 20 years, fragmented due to several bad experiences with not so professional dommes. Admittedly I have had many good experiences with pro dommes over the years, pro dommes whom I still have respect for but none as special as Goddess Sophia. Goddess Sophia is undoubtedly an extremely talented and highly professional dominatrix, she has very high standards, is demanding and can be both strict and firm when delivering chastisement. Goddess can also be considerate and caring towards her minions but only with the proviso that you do show her the respect she so richly deserves. There has never been a dull moment during any of our sessions, Goddess is imaginative and if you do prefer t…